Twitter, twitter everywhere and not a link to tweet

Haha. What a stupid title. Anyway, here is an example of how one site approached this week’s outside blog assignment. I’m not saying COPY THIS STYLE EXACTLY. It’s just one approach as an example if you aren’t quite sure what I’m asking for this week. 
Other examples:

“The 23 Twitter accounts you must follow to understand Syria” via The Washington Post

“15 Twitter accounts every Native should follow” via Indian Country Today Media Network.

Speaking of Twitter accounts to follow, I’d recommend following David Grann. I’m not even sure who he is, but he tweets a nice variety of interesting links and has a nice Twitter style. Some news, some cool photos, some just plain weird stuff. Two back-to-back tweets to show what I’m saying:

David Grann@DavidGrann 2 Oct Excellent piece by @ByronYork on how GOP now mostly focused on cleaning up mess, not on original fight.

David Grann@DavidGrann 2 Oct Aquatic robots deployed to pulverize swarms of menacing jellyfish:


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